Let's see how we use an exclusive packaging idea,
plus promotion campaigns to help Organist
reach 3,000 units sold within 10 weeks and
gain mammoth awareness on e-commerce channels.
The Glenlivet
Whisky drinkers in Vietnam are niche audience,
but we are still able to help The Glenlivet witness
a whooping 77% increase in sales. And this is
how we make such growth happen.
With genuine and triggering stories, f\adigital helps
even a latecomer like Popeyes take a stand
in the saturated fast-food industry, winning
45,000 visitors at stores and millions of
impressions on social networks in just 6 months.
Huggies has been famous for technology
and prestige in the baby care sector.
By communicating brand essence and
building brand love among consumers,
f\adigital supports Huggies in one of
its most successful product launching.
IQLac Pro
With the football approach, we have supported
IQLac Pro from strategy planning to execution
to conquer harsh competition, take a strong buzz
in the industry, earning millions of views
for both microsite and MVs.